Mason to Monroe Walking Tour

Join historian Christopher Clough, of the Dearborn Historical Museum, on an exploration of the Monroe to Mason neighborhood, near the heart of downtown west Dearborn. The scene of Dearborn’s original planned city center, this neighborhood was home to Dearborn’s first schools and earliest churches. Learn about its role in the early days of Dearborn’s development from a sleepy village to an urban, industrial powerhouse. Hear stories about early Dearborn pioneers, such as Dr. Edward Snow, whose homesteads still dotted the neighborhood into the 20th century. Ian Tomashik, of Preservation Dearborn, will share his expertise on the architectural styles we will encounter along with a plethora of interesting stories about the dynamic people who lived and worked in these 19th century buildings.


East Side Walking Tour

Learn about the initial creation of Springwells on the 100th anniversary of the dedication of old Dearborn City Hall!

Join Mason Christensen, of the Dearborn Historical Museum, on an exploration of the old Dearborn City Hall grounds and the east downtown streets near Michigan and Schaefer. Largely developed during the 1920s, the district quickly exploded in size thanks to the expansion of the nearby Ford Rouge Plant. On the tour, learn about interesting former businesses whose structures are almost hiding in plain sight. Hear why east downtown Dearborn developed where it did. Furthermore, learn the geographic difference between Fordson, Springwells Township, and Dearborn Township.

Items to note about the tour:

The tour will begin in front of old Dearborn City Hall at 13615 Michigan Avenue.
All guests should be prepared to walk, sometimes on uneven surfaces, for about an hour and a half.

If it looks like it will be stormy or too hot, we will reschedule and let you know ahead of time. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the tour.
Restroom facilities may be unavailable along the tour route. We will not be entering any buildings as part of the tour.

Sign up by purchasing tickets at our E#ventbrite link or at the museum.