8       Free Lecture “Boblo Boats”


5       Free Lecture “Corktown Then & Now”


4       Free Lecture “Haunting Metro”

14      Vintage Fashion Lecture & Afternoon Tea 1-3pm

27       Free Lecture “Pre-Ford Landscape of Dearborn”


1       Free Lecture “Hamtramck Transformed”

24      Free Banjo concert 1-2pm


6       Free Lecture “Ford Homes”

Links above lead to order pages or information pages for that event


– Unless specified, all meetings above held at McFadden-Ross House.
– If you have questions, please call 313-565-3000.
– MRH – McFadden-Ross House     CQ – Commandant’s Quarters
– Library – Henry Ford Centennial Library
– Donations cheerfully accepted.

6 thoughts on “Events”

  1. We were driving by on Michigan & I didn’t get a very good look @ your sign. I’m interested in the ghost hunt can you give me more information or if it past will you have another one. Thank you

  2. lists a sculpture event at this location, but I’m not seeing it in your calendar. Is it at your location?

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