1810 Map of the West Dearborn Area


This early 1810 military map depicts the military reservation created a few years earlier in the area that is now West Dearborn. In 1832, the reservation was selected as a location to construct the Detroit Arsenal military base. The village of Dearbornville was originally established in 1833 on lands sold from the military reservation.

The full map can be downloaded here: Military Reservation Map – 1810

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It is here. This publication will be an exciting addition to your library. Throughout its existence, Dearborn has been a pioneer settlement, a multicultural hub, a college town, a major tourism center and a world-renowned industrial city. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors, significant structures have been lost to time. Almost all of the eleven U.S. Arsenal complex buildings have disappeared since the arsenal was closed in 1875. The hallways of the Edison School and Oxford School still live on in the hearts of their students but were razed long ago. Even beloved edifices such as the Ford Rotunda and the Ford Motor Company Administration building, built by Dearborn’s favorite son, Henry Ford, are now only a memory. Remember those special theaters that you could not wait to get to? What about that go to restaurant or bar? Now you can relive the amazing destinations that Dearborn became known for including some iconic retail. Author Craig E. Hutchison endeavors to immortalize the important foundational building blocks of an evolving city. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, you can visit our online store or come to the Museum.