Resources for Kids

The Dearborn Historical Museum is committed to providing fun and educational resources for kids, parents, and educators seeking to learn about Dearborn’s storied history. We will be regularly updating this page with crafts, activities, stories, and more specifically designed with children in mind. Check back here frequently to see what’s new!

MLK Day Virtual Lesson

While we wish that we could hold an in person event this MLK Day, this year the DHM has created children’s resource kits for the community to honor the life & legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This kit includes materials for a fun, easy craft to do with your children at home, as well as links to age-appropriate videos, read alouds, and writing prompts to get children thinking about how they can change the world just like Martin Luther King Jr. did! Click on the links below to download our lesson and craft PDF’s!

Victorian Christmas Resource Kit

We are so sad that this year’s Victorian Christmas Open House had to be cancelled, so Museum staff decided to put together on online resource kit to help you and your family celebrate a Victorian Christmas while at home! To use this kit, download the PDF linked below and then click on the underlined words. You will then be taken to online resources to help you learn about the development of many Christmas traditions during the Victorian era, as well as games, crafts, and videos to make your holiday a little more festive!

STEM Saturday: Build A Bridge Activity

Bridges have been used throughout history to help people move across challenging landscapes, and now its your turn to become an engineer and solve a challenge by building a bridge with items that you have at home! Parents: make sure to select the challenge that matches your child’s grade level.

Retro Toy Video

Check out some cool retro toys from 1910 to 1980 with Dearborn Historical Museum staff!

Kids ‘N’ Crafts: Have a Teddy Bear Picnic at Home!

While we were sad to cancel the Teddy Bear Picnic in 2020, you can still participate from home! Take a look at this video for some teddy bear activities and then download our craft template to make your own teddy bear ears!

Online Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Interested in developing research or internet skills for your child while learning Dearborn history along the way? Check out these scavenger hunts! Each will require participants to search the DHM website (and sometimes websites for other local museums) to answer questions about Dearborn. Kids who accept the challenge and email their responses to us at will receive a prize!

Color Historic Dearborn: A Coloring Book of Dearborn Landmarks!

The DHM is proud to present a coloring book for children and adults alike featuring some of Dearborn’s most storied landmarks. It is ready to be printed and is a great resource for learning the basics of Dearborn history. To download, click the button below. Once you have it downloaded, print, color, and enjoy!

Dearborn History Puzzles

Like puzzles? The DHM has recently added word searches and connect-the-dots activities. To download them, click the buttons below. You can then print and begin your puzzle!

We have also created some online jigsaw puzzles that can be accessed on the jigsaw planet website here:

Kids ‘N’ Crafts: Kindness Rocks Activity!

STEM Saturday: Make It Move Activities

Each Tuesday in April 2020, the Dearborn Historical Museum will be releasing a Make It Move STEM video on its YouTube channel featuring stories about Dearborn’s own Henry Ford and inventions that changed the world. Stay tuned for more information and the first entry in this ongoing series!

April 7 – Make a gear at home!

April 14 – Make an Assembly Line!

April 21 – Employee Badge

April 21 – Design a Hubcap