Volunteer Opportunities

The Dearborn Historical Museum is always looking for people interested in helping preserve our city’s history. If you have some free time, please consider becoming a volunteer!

Below are some volunteer positions the museum is currently trying to fill. Just click on the link. All hours are flexible. If you have questions please call (313)565-3000 or email lharvey@ci.dearborn.mi.us.

Volunteer Opportunities

Read about some of our dedicated volunteers, their backgrounds, what they do at the Museum and what they love about their time spent here . Volunteer Profiles

Specifically, you may have an interest in volunteering for a specific event held at the Museum. Our annual pioneer school program touches the lives of local youth with local history and we have a wide variety of opportunities associated with this program. In addition, there are many other events held throughout the year. Learn more by clicking on the following link.

Event Volunteer Opportunities

If you do not see a volunteer position here that interests you, there are still many general volunteer opportunities available. Please contact the museum at (313)565-3000, email us at lharvey@ci.dearborn.mi.us or stop by the museum office and we’ll be happy to find something that fits you and your schedule.

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